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Monday, April 20, 2009

Back With Mrs. Grossman's Stickers

Kristan and I are very happy to be back as your Mrs. Grossman's Arizona/New Mexico Reps. Since this was the very 1st company that I represented many years ago, it is great to have her back. Lots has changed in the last few years, so if you have not seen anything from MGPC in a while, it will be exciting for you too.

In honor of her 30 Year Anniversary, there is a great promo going on now that will add an extra 30 days to your terms on orders over $300. So if you have N30, you will have N60...and so on. We will be getting an updated list from the company as to what your terms are.

If you are holding off on bringing in some new stickers because you have outdated or old product, no problem. We have been authorized to Clean Sticker House! As long as you write a new order for 3x the amount of product we are removing, Kristan and I can take care of donating the old product to a very worthy cause. So if you have $50 in old, we will need a new order of $150...and so on.

2 Great reasons to take a look at Mrs. Grossman's Stickers again. There is a reason why this icon has been in our industry for 30 Years.

Attached is an updated UPC list and you can view all the products plus lots of great ideas at
We have new 2009 catalogs and order forms for each of you.

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