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Friday, August 21, 2009

Phone Tips From Wiz Bang Training


Ten Telephone Tips

You and your staff CAN give the very best customer service on the phone. Like so many other things in life, it's the little details that make the biggest difference.

** Focus on the phone call you are about to take. Make a conscious mental shift from your last customer, task, or conversation. Don't answer the phone while you are still talking to someone else.

** Take a deep breath, exhale and SMILE before you answer the phone. Your smile will come through in your voice even though your caller cant see you.

** Put a mirror by the phone if possible to remind yourself to smile and sit or stand straight.

** Always give your business name and your name when you answer. The caller wants to know they have reached the right place and who they are talking to.

** Speak slowly and articulate your words especially your greeting. Make sure it doesn't sound like, WhizBangTrainingthisissusan.

** Use proper English and avoid slang. Youre not addressing your buddies, but your business contacts.

** Be sure to say, "thank you" at the end of every call. There's always a reason to thank a customer for making the effort to contact your company.

** The Goodbye is as important as the Hello. Make sure your caller has finished with everything they want to say before you hang up. Wait for them to say goodbye and hang up before you replace the receiver.

** If you are leaving a message on a customers (or vendors, or anyone's) answering machine its especially important that you say your name and the company name clearly. You may even want to spell it if there is any question.

** When leaving an answering machine message, leave your return phone number even if you think they already have it. Make sure you say the number distinctly and SLOWLY. Remember, they are writing this number down and it is annoying to have to rewind the message several times to get it. Another good trick is to repeat your name, company name, and telephone number at the very end of your message.

We'd love to hear your favorite telephone success stories or your telephone nightmare stories! Send them to and we'll pass along your great ideas.


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